Welcome to my website Elefantenfreundin

Ich zeichne die Treckelefanten am Reisfeld
Elefantenfreundin means friend of the elephants. This website with my sketches and stories (to come) is very close to my heart.  Since years I am fascinated by elephants. As an artist I use my pen and my camera to make contact with them. I follow their rumbles and go where the elephants live: I want to see them, hear and feel them, and I follow them on their ways and capture these moments in my sketches. I am curious about their lifes, I want to know, how it looks like here and now, in their natural surroundings and in men’s hands, overseas as well as here abouts, in zoos and conservancy and breeding programs.

Step by step I will publish new sketches, stories or short texts on my Elefantenfreundin international blog. As there are many interesting websites that offer knowlwedge and data about elephants, you will find only my own stuff here. People eager for knowledge may check out the information provided under Links.

I invite you to share my travels and projects around the elephants and I am looking forward to you supporting the elephants by buying a sketch.

Marietta Schwarz


This website is currently under construction and turns from German to English step by step.

Ban Kiat Ngong: Elephants in Xe Pian NPA
Ban Kiat Ngong, elephant from behind
Ban Kiat Ngong: Mae Boon Yiang and her mahout
Bull elephant Niam from Ban Kiat Ngong
Elephant Mae Mang on a meadow, Hong Sa, Laos
Elephant Mae Mang of Hong Sa in Laos
Mae Mang is sceptical
Elephant Mae Mang in the woods, Hong Sa, Laos
Elephant Mae Mang proceeding in the bamboo
Elephant Mae Mang eating in the bamboo
Mae Mang portrait
Elephant Mae Mang feeding on banana tree
Mae Mang loves banana trees
Hmmm tasty…
Elephant Mae Mang is sleepy
Portrait of Mae Mang, Hong Sa, Laos
Mahout with his elephant, Laos
Guido with Mae Mang
Elefant Mae Boun Mee in the bushes
Elephant Eye
Mahout puts the howdah on his elephant
Meb! Meb! Meb long… meb long!
Elephant Mae Kham Nuan from Hong Sa, Laos
Mahout with his elephant
Elephant Bua Koa in the forest of Hong Sa, Laos
Bua Koa of Hong Sa, Laos
Bua Koa of Hong Sa, Laos, Portrait
Elephant at Elephant Conservation Center, Laos
Baby elephant, Elephant Conservation Center
Elephant Conservation Center, Sayaburi, Laos
Pai Kai, Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Lampang, Thailand
Junger Elefant, Lampang, FAE Hospital
Zoo-Elefant Chiang Mai
Die Elefanten Salia & Mae Dou begrüßen sich in Camp von EST
Warten auf die anderen Elefanten
Elefant Salia aus Mae Sapok, Thailand (Aquarell nach Skizze vom 16.12.14)
Die Elefanten Salia und Geo Senior im Camp von EST, Mae Sapok, Thailand
Elefant Salia of Mae Sapok, Thailand
Phu Chapo, Mae Sapok, Thailand (coloriert)
Jungbulle Phu Chapo, Mae Sapok im Camp von EST
Elefantenbulle Phu Chapo, Mae Sapok, Thailand
Mae Kaphat of Mae Sapok, Portrait 16.12.14
Mae Kaphat of Mae Sapok 16.12.14
Mae Doulu Portrait
Elefantin Mae Doulu geniesst ihr Futter
Mae Doulu im Camp von EST, 29.01.15
Mae Doulu 14.12.14
Mae Didi im Bambus
Elefantenbulle Phu Kamüng
Phu Kamüng
Jacky, Mae Sapok, Thailand
Jacky trinkt bei Geo I, Mae Sapok, Thailand
Jacky trinkt
Mae Geo Senior von EST, Mae Sapok, Thailand
Elefantendame Geo Senior von EST
Elefantendame Geo Senior von EST im Bambus
Die Elefanten Geo I und Phu Chapo im Camp von EST, Thailand
Die Treckelefanten fressen am Reisfeld
Elefant Mae Kamnoi, Mae Sapok, Thailand
Mae Kamnoi
Tong Koon 2011.03.02
Tong Koon Portrait, Kölner Zoo, Juni 2012
Elefantin Tong Koon müde, Kölner Zoo 2011
Tong Koon mit Rajendra 2011.04.25
Tong Koon mit Jungtier
Thi Ha Phyu mit Maha Kumari draußen 2011.07.05
Tante mit den Kleinen 2011.07.05
Shu Thu Zar 2011.07.05
Shu Thu Zar und Kreeblamduan von oben 2010.03.02
Ming Jung 2009.12.29
Marlar 2011.07.08
Marlar 2011.07.05
Marlar im Kölner Zoo, April 2011
Maha Kumari und Thi Ha Phyu 2011.07.05
Maejaruad 2011.04.05
Laong Daw, Kree, Tong Konn; Maejaruad und Baby 2011.07.08
Laong Daw 2010.03.02
KhinYa schlafend 2010-03.02
Khin Yadanar Min 2011.04.05
Khin Yadanar Min und Maejarud 2011.04.05
Futteraufnahme 2011.03.29
Elefantin 2011.04.07
Chumpol Elefantenskizzenbuch 2011.04.07
Chumpol und Thi Ha Phyu 2011.03
Aye Shan May 2011.03.29
Aye Shan May am Wasser Sommer 2012
Hussein im Hamburger Zoo Hagenbeck, kurz vor seinem Tod
Burma vom Zirkus Krone
Sahib_Platschow_Juni 2008
Elefantenbulle N’doume, Riserve de Sigean, Frankreich
african elephant